This was a dream the Lord gave me back in December…
I shared it with my Living Proof FB group back then too. There is a bigger picture. Trump is one man but we are a BODY. Whatever happens rise up and be the Body of Christ. It doesn’t end here.
– My dream about President Trump –
I had a dream last night and I feel like I need to share some of it with you. That it’s for us…the body of Christ. So we know how and what to intercede for.
Remember dreams and vision are very biblical and also a way the Lord speaks to me so this isn’t new and there is lots of symbolism in this dream and ill try to interrupt in nut shell at the end. I’ll update this post as I get more interruptions.
In my dream I was in a small town, in Florida, I was walking (“walking” means in going about life) past a hospital (and like the Lord transports you)saw inside the waiting area was President Trump and First Lady, they were attacked and brought to this hospital’s waiting room.
President trump on his LEFT side of his FACE was bruised and swollen and his hair was completely undone/untouched, like I’ve never seen it. First Lady was sitting down untouched physically, but she looked down or sad emotionally.
President Trump was upset because the Hospital (hospital was working with the Left, both sides working with the left and so is the medical/pharmaceutical) wasn’t for them being there, but yet wanted him there, and they were not interested in helping them, but to CONTAIN them there, and Trump wasn’t having it, he was fine (health wise) and was seeking Justice and Truth about his attackers and they ignored him. They didn’t care. That hospital was working with his attacker. It was obvious.
Then like I was transported I find myself with one of my children in a random garage and I see Trump…he was down on his knees on the ground of this garage. He was Alone. I walked up from behind him and saw that he looked sad/down and beat up still. His left side of his face still swollen and bruised.
I told him that he is our greatest President and thanked him for that. (The time of this dream was like real time/current events)
He said that he loves his Job, he loves living in FLORIDA and working from Florida. (where this dream took place) …and that he wants to be re-elected and continue to be forever if he could. I told him I and my family have been praying for him. He says to me, almost desperately pleading, “thank you but please don’t stop praying for me.” He asks again and continues to ask me to keep praying for him several (7 times which mean to perfection and completeness) times.
Then he gets into the driver seat of this random vehicle that appeared, it was what looked like a beat up red pickup truck and I move random objects from his way of backing out of this garage as he starts to drive out and leave like he was making his escape/quite getaway/leave/moving forward.
Does he get re-elected i do not know from this dream did not tell me flat out, felt like he wasn’t but not very sure. but we must pray for America and Trump.
We must rise up and move the obstacles out of his way! Trump is representing America and Americans in this dream.
In a nutshell: We need to continue to be praying for our President and our country. Until perfection and completeness! (the number 7 meaning and that he asked me 7 times to continue to pray)
He was attacked by the left, that’s why the left side of his face was hurt.
Don’t let media/social media fool you this is what’s happening in the background. Don’t let anything distract you from what’s really going on right now.
His hair being undone and untouched that was significant. The fact that he was removed from the situation and was alone in a garage (which houses cars, which in my dreams cars is symbolic for ministry). I found him in a secrect place and he was by himself. I just appeared there with my little child with me and we had that conversation. The lord will make a way for Trump to carry on, but we must do our part too!
We must keep praying and moving things spiritually out of Trumps way to drive on. Cars in dreams for me always means MINISTRY and trump was getting into his and moving forward/moving on. He was attack on his left side of his face, and hospitals were not for helping him but to contain him, he was given a way out to continue on (the garage and vehicle) but still needs our prayers to continue and move things trying to stop him. We have all the Victory, but there is still a battle going on.
Can’t have victory if there isnt something to have Victory from…
Know how to pray and do it. Be lead by the Holy Spirit on how to pray for trump and America.
Ephesians 6:10-18
Courtney Carlson