Who We Are

Nathen and Courtney Carlson, married in 2009, reside in Florida with their two children. Despite life’s challenges, their unwavering faith and reliance on God’s word have strengthened them. Known as “radicals for Jesus,” they walk in the supernatural power of Christ, embodying a true Christian lifestyle. They are Holy Spirit filled, led and operate in.

Nathen is a hard working, dedicated husband and father, always happy to serve and help others, and loves God. Courtney, a dedicated wife and homeschooling mother, both are passionate worshipers transformed by the power of God! We all once were sinners, with a past, but Jesus came and radically transformed their lives and set us free from all that was trying to destroy us. Just one Encounter with HIM will change your life forever.

Their mission is to lead people into a life-changing encounter with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, igniting a fiery passion for the Lord.  As ministers of the good news, they embrace a Christian identity that reflects Jesus’ love for God and people. The Holy Spirit spoke to Courtney; “Tell people who you are, and show them who I AM.” What He was saying to her was to tell people who you are, we should be idenifying as Christians, to often we identify by our job tile or degree when we should be identifying as Christians. Tell people who you are. Who are we? Christians and we bring the good news! Then we should be showing them Jesus.

Nathen and Courtney are Christians and Ministers of the good news of Jesus Christ. As Christians, we aim to mirror the behavior and heart of Jesus. We strive to love God and love people, just as He did. Our ministry is a vessel for the Holy Spirit to operate and lead through us. Together, let’s embody the transformative power of Christ in our lives and share His love and power with the world.

Open to invitations, Courtney and Nathen welcome opportunities to minister at churches or groups. For hospital visits or house calls, reach out through their Contact Us page or Prayer Request Form.

Stay updated on their ministry and upcoming events by following them on social media and YouTube, where they share insights and details of their impactful journey.